First Official Post!

Here we are! The first official post of our blog!

I suppose we should get the formalities out of the way and tell you more about us than what our About section holds.


(that’s me!) I grew up in a tiny town south of where we live now. Our whole area (several counties) is pretty agricultural. You can’t drive more than a half mile or so without seeing crop fields or animals out to pasture. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am 30 years old (might as well get used to saying that since in a few short weeks, I will be!). I love to read and write, be outside, garden, cook for my family and others, I love coffee and tea (herbal, mostly), unicorns, chickens, horses, photography, chocolate, and much more! I also own my own business, which I may talk about on the blog…I may even do a few tutorials here and there. I am a stay at home mom, working from home.


I grew up just a few miles from where we live now, on a large farm. My mother and father raise dairy goats and organic crops. I have been around farming my entire life, I learned to drive a tractor before I learned how to read. I work for my family’s local cable/phone/internet company as the Construction Supervisor. I operate bore machines, trenchers, and other heavy machinery. I also do the small things like splice fiber, fix the cable, and run new installs. I am also the company’s mechanic when it comes to maintaining the fleet vehicles. I suppose you could say I am a “Jack of all Trades”. I love diesel engines, particularly Detroit Diesels. I also love firearms and love to target shoot for fun.


Our Farm

Is named Red Barn Acres to match my LLC that I make my own income from to supplement my husbands. Red Barn Botanicals is my handmade body care store that I started in 2015. We have a red barn, however, it is not one of those awesome wooden red barns that you see dotting the horizon in the country. It is a modern red pole barn. BUT! It is our Red Barn…it symbolizes (to us, anyway) that we CAN raise our own meat, provide for our family, and give shelter to our animals. Essentially to me, it means strength and empowerment! A little red barn that has always shown me that I can and will succeed! We are located half way between Flint and Lansing in Michigan and own about 3 acres. So we are a pretty small operation compared to others…even though we might dwarf those who own less land and do much more with it than we do with ours. We one day hope to relocate to a larger plot of land so we can do more of what we love.

For now, we raise chickens for meat and eggs, ducks for eggs and meat (although we haven’t harvested any of our ducks yet), our turkeys we will hatch their eggs for growing out turkeys for harvest. We also have 6 goats. Four of them I plan on using for milk, as the other 2 are wethers.

We also have extensive gardens which provide us with fresh produce throughout the growing season. I love to preserve food by canning it. We always have enough tomato sauce and salsa to last us the winter. There is nothing like opening a fresh jar of salsa in the middle of winter made with tomatoes and peppers grown in the heat of summer. This next year will be a major turning point in our endeavors as we have 2 large hoop houses to work with! Our growing season will be extended quite a bit and may even provide through the winter. We hope to have CSA Shares available in 2019.

As for the content of this blog… you may see and read many different things. We always seem to have some kind of project going on that I think you will enjoy reading about, and perhaps you’ll even learn something. Keep in mind, this is a homestead/farm. That means from time to time we harvest our own meat and that process may be documented here.

I also welcome comments and suggestions on topics to blog about. Keep in mind that our way or opinion may be different than yours or someone elses, and we will not suggest that our way is the only way to do something. The glorious thing about homesteading and farming is that you learn something new every day, sometimes they are good lessons and sometimes not so much.

So follow along with us. Maybe you will learn something too.

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